UK Interior Designer Launches New Homewares Platform With Circularity At Its Core

With many of us spending more time indoors over lockdown, homeowners are looking to change or improve their interior spaces. “Being responsible about how we do that would be a positive step forward.” states Lauren McMullen, founder of the newly launched Altra Living. Coming from a background in interior design for the luxury property sector, McMullen is well versed in searching for quality products. However, what she couldn’t fathom was how, and why, so many items, when removed as part of an interiors overhaul, would be discarded and inevitably sent to landfill. Drawing on her family background of construction, and combining this with a passion for change, she has set about in starting a new venture to bring a circular mindset to the luxury interiors market.

The result is an online design platform where McMullen has curated a collection of home accessories all salvaged from commercial projects which have been repurposed and upcycled giving the treasures a new lease of life. While many may not associate upcycling with the luxury sector, McMullen is keen to redefine what luxury really means and hopes to bring a renewed accessibility to it. Operating in London, she sources her finds from the retail, hospitality and textile…

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