Try out these easy and inexpensive DIY Halloween home decor ideas

When you think of Halloween, costumes and candies are usually the first things that come to anyone’s minds. But just like it’s that one time of the year where you can dress up in your favourite DIY outfits, we think you should also get creative with DIY Halloween decorations for your home. Turning your home into a haunted mansion could be the costliest task on Halloween. And depending on how spooky you want your home to look, you could easily spend a hefty amount on spider webs, fake tombstones, and plastic skeletons. Here are 4 easy DIY Halloween home decor tips

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1) Boo Bottles

Raid your recycling bin to make the glass ghosts in four easy steps: First, remove labels and caps from bottles. Spray-paint them white, then draw faces on them with a black marker. To finish this cheap Halloween decoration, throw in colourful straws for cute centrepieces. 

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