Top home decor ideas to transform your house into a pet sanctuary

As more people shift to cities and adapt themselves to the urban way of life, there is a corresponding rise in the need of changing the houses to pet-friendly apartments. At times, people fail to realise the harm the teeny-tiny houses in the cities could do to your pet. Have you created a harmonious living for your furry little friend that your pet will love? Here are top home décor ideas for your pets.

1. Fur-free Cushioning

Something what is comfortable for you may not necessarily be comfy for your pet. Also, you may not want your house to be covered with pet’s fur lying all over the place. Get an upholstery that can gather the fur as well as decorate your house. Opt for smooth tapestries or synthetic fibres. Go for textiles that will withstand the test of your pet’s claws. Avoid textiles like velvet or any delicate material, as pets are unlikely to be comfortable with them. 

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2. Mud Room Sanctuary

Just imagine that you have been strolling in the garden and after having that wonderful walk you come to notice your shoes caked in mud and a pet that has rolled in the mud too. And before you enter your house, your little furry animal is drying off on the sides of the sofa. A nightmare, right? You certainly do not want such a tragedy to happen. To avoid this, install a doorway door that will offer a space to dry off and wash your pet before they enter your house. You can store in pet…

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