Top 10 Organizing Advice From One of The Most Organized Person in America

Get organizing advice from a well known professional organizer Alejandra Costello. Who is she? Well for a start, HGTV crowned her one of the most organized people in America. A title not to be taken lightly and so is her 10 advice. We love all of them.

Here is the video.

Here is a quick listing of the the 10 organizing advise.

1. Don’t leave out any info

2. Put containers in your containers

3. Set limits

4. Sort Supplies in clear envelopes

5. Hang sheet metal in Cabinets

6. Make Your Shower Do Double-Duty

7. Use color-coded snaps

8. Create a “Cage”

9. Sort hardware in tackle boxes

10. Take labeling seriously


Source: Most Organized Home in America – Organizing Advice