The Amazing Decor Ideas using Bottle Caps

It is indeed amazing of how some folks used these left over bottle caps to create some amazing projects. We picked five projects that are most impressive. So have a look and see the creative works of this 5 individuals.

So save your bottle caps the next time and see if you like to try out some of these works. Nonetheless below are the works we picked that are really impressive.


Project 1 – Boho Mirror

Project 2 – A Moral Of Beer And Wine

Project 3 – A Bottle Cap Floor

Project 4 – A Rad Mosaic Metal Patio Chair

Project 5 – A Serving Tray

All in all there are 29 usage of these bottle caps. Guess that’s too much overwhelm for us. Anyway, you can see the other usage of bottle caps at the source below.

Source: Save Your Bottle Caps for These 28 Clever Ideas | Hometalk