Summerville welder battles with labeling himself an artist after making popular home decor | Features

Outside of Baker’s BBQ of Summerville there’s a molded metal pig welcoming customers in the parking lot. 

The piece started off as just an old tossed-out grill that was discovered by the owner. After he reached out to Jason Elam, a local welder and owner of Rocky Steel, it morphed into the metal art sculpture it is now. 

“I like doing fun, different ideas like that,” said Elam, a Summerville native. “I just wing it.” 

Elam has been working in welding and ironwork ever since he was a teenager fixing his car in his parents’ garage. Since then, he has grown into an industrial welder working on various buildings and construction projects under the Rocky Steel brand name. 

In the last few years, he’s expanded his skill set to include more artistic pieces and metal sculptures that mimic things such as animals and plants. Some of his work has been featured and sold at art and farmers markets in the Summerville area.

“The artist thing is new to me,” he said. 

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