Small house interior design ideas to make your house look larger

Residents in Mumbai are used to living in smaller homes compared to other cities in India. People generally work their entire lives to be able to afford a home in this city. Mumbai lacks larger spaces for homes, unlike its other metro counterparts. However, smaller homes can also have stylish decor. These simple yet innovative steps will help in transforming your small space into a stylish and smarter one.

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How to make your small home look bigger

Long curtains or none

Long curtains for windows usually make a small room look bigger. It also works if the colour of the windows matches the colour of the room. No curtains also work for a lot of apartments, this lets the light come in and gives a spacious feel to the room.

Pull-out sofas

Sofas or sofa sets can take up a lot of space in a small apartment. Keeping a sofa and a bed together can mean saying goodbye to free space. So it is highly advised to keep a pull out sofa in place of a normal sofa. A pull-out sofa can be transformed into a bed whenever it is necessary for the homeowners.

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Smart furniture

Furniture with broad stands should be eliminated first. Furniture with narrow stands looks as if they consume less space. Thicker stands below the furniture make them look bulkier than they normally are and make the room look congested. Furniture with…

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