Show Us Your Space: Reverb’s Look Inside Pro and

Over the past few years, Reverb has been invited into a cache of beautiful home and professional studios, music-making spaces, and instrument workshops to take a look at what makes each special. We’ve traveled all over the world, from New York to Australia to Switzerland, France, and more.

If you’ve followed along with our Show Us Your Space series, you may have already seen a lot of these studios and music-making spaces on the list below. But if you’re new here or just in the mood to revisit some spaces, take the opportunity to browse through our list of professional and home studios from all over the world.

Professional Studios

The Closet Studios

Tulsa, OK

As the home of Leon Russell, J. J. Cale, and Shelter Records, Tulsa is a town with a serious musical heritage. The Closet Studio’s founding producer and engineer Kendal Osborne has recorded scores of local rock, pop, and country artists, doing his part to keep the Tulsa legacy alive. He’s acquired a beautiful array of vintage tube mics and amplifiers along the way, and the space itself is gracefully designed with a chandelier and lamps casting a warm glow in the live room. Even the acoustic panels and diffusers have an artistic flair.

Fullerton Recording Studios

Chicago, IL

Fullerton Recording Studios has been at its current location in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood since 2006. Since then, scores of artists — including Jill Scott, Mumford & Sons, NERVO, Phil Cohran, Fred…

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