San Antonio museums beefing up online educational content for parents, educators with STEAM lesson plans and projects

Just as lessons have migrated from classrooms to kitchen tables and living rooms across the city, a similar journey is being taken by the educational content offered by San Antonio’s museums. Most had been working on expanding that material online, but those efforts picked up the pace substantially once stay-at-home orders were issued as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lesson plans, art projects and videos can be found on their websites and their social platforms. Much of the material aligns with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements, and there are Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math components as well.

“Our primary goal is to be a resource for our community, and we really want to let San Antonio know that we support them in all ways possible during this time, which is so challenging for everyone,” said Bella Meriam, director of education for the San Antonio Museum of Art.

The projects and lessons can be folded into a homeschool environment, but they also can be used during the nonschool part of the day when families are simply looking for something to do.

“It’s nice to put together…

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