Reader project: A simple cabinet makeover with big results

blue cabinet with timber top and plant

What did the cabinet look like before the makeover?

I found this cabinet in my neighbour’s hard rubbish collection, it was extremely orange and the drawers had this funny moulding pattern that made it look sad!

What inspired your makeover? 

I had been looking for a cupboard like this with the aim of giving it a makeover so that it would fit into a recently renovated bedroom. It had to go with the royal blue colour theme and when I found it, I knew it definitely needed a makeover!

Have you done any makeovers before?

I have completed lots of makeovers around the home, some big and some small.

Some of the bigger ones were an ensuite makeover where I replaced the tiles and created a vanity. Other big projects were renovating my kitchen, office, bedroom and I also installed a fireplace. My husband helped on some of these, but I’m very hands on and the design guru.

Some smaller renovations include painting old bedside tables, giving my son’s room a makeover and re-covering an old leatherette bed with fabric using an electric staple gun.   

three empty draws being fitted for knobs

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