Myrtle Beach, SC area Halloween decorations, haunted houses

In an empty lot beside his Carolina Forest home, David Parker has created a spooky attractions for kids and adults — one of many Halloween-decorated homes in the area.

Parker, who is in his 10th and last year of providing free haunting entertainment for folks, has expanded the attraction to a 3,000-square-foot spot that has grown each year. And one of the best parts of providing the Halloween entertainment is taking cash donations and giving 100 percent of the proceeds to a different charity each year.

“During the event, it’s the enjoyment of the kids coming out screaming and the parents taking photos of the kids coming out screaming,” he said. After the event, it’s awesome to see the donations collected, he said.

Halloween props sit inside the home of David Parker, who hosts the “Haunted House in The Farm” in Carolina Forest Tuesday afternoon. Parker, who has built the haunt for the past ten years on his property in…

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