Mum makes mermaid-inspired clam pram for her daughter for just £25

Mum-of-two Bex made her daughter Penny an amazing mermaid-themed pram (Picture: Bex Ellis-Dunstan)

A mum has shared how she created an incredible mermaid-inspired clam pram for her baby daughter, for just £25.

Bex-Ellis Dunstan, 31, wanted to create a memorable mermaid outfit for her daughter Penny, four months old, to attend a festival.

But the mum-of-two decided to take things up a notch and make Penny a full-on mermaid carriage to stroll around in.

Bex, who works as a team leader for a multi-sensory support service for children in Devon, told money-saving community ‘My husband came up with the idea of our daughter going as a mermaid to the pirate festival we attend every year.

Bex found a sand pit on Facebook Marketplace (Picture: Bex Ellis-Dunstan)
The family already had an old pram (Picture: Bex Ellis-Dunstan)

‘There were mermaids in a tank last time so we thought it would be a good theme to go with.

‘Our oldest son has a pirate ship buggy which my dad and I upgrade each year and I wanted to do something special for our daughter.

‘When he mentioned a mermaid, I thought of her sitting in a clam, and so the clam pram idea was born!’

Bex went about finding second-hand materials to bring her idea to life, with Facebook Marketplace proving the perfect source.

Paint and papier mache helped to transform the plain shell (Picture: Bex Ellis-Dunstan)

‘We thought about different ways to create a clam shell, and how to fit…

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