Making A Beach Themed Table Using Seashells and Sand


Want to bring a little beach or coastal theme into your home? Here is a simple project to do so. With a large terra cotta pot, some paint, sand and shells, you can create a seashell table. This can be placed outside or inside your home as you wish.
The first shows the materials that you will need. Here the maker had painted the pot in yellow. It is fine if you prefer other colors as this is a personal preference.

Then just assembled the items and this is the final outcome.

And another view of the table.

More details can be found in the resource below.

P/S – The terra cotta pot is not filled completely with sand as it will be too heavy to move latter. So the maker filled the bottom half with Styrofoams pieces. We think crumbled newspaper will do too.
Source: Seashell Outdoor Table! | Hometalk