Make A Canvas Wall Art with Glue



Here is simple DIY project for your  home decor. It is a canvas wall art and it can be made with just glue. Of course you will need the canvas backing for you to trace or draw the pattern or a quote you want to create.

The project shown here is a quote with patterns of leaves surrounding it. It is then traced. Now this is where it gets exciting, once the pattern tracing is completed, simply draw over the pattern with glue. You may need to do this a number of times to let the pattern stands out.

Once you are satisfied, let the glue dry completely. Finally spray paint the whole canvas in any color that you like.  The project in the image shown is white. Again let the paint dry and you get an awesome cool looking decor item.

More details below:

This is the easiest canvas wall art project you’ll ever make – all you need is some glue and your favorite paint color. Customize with any saying you like!

Source: Make Canvas Wall Art with Glue