How To Turn A Disused Umbrella Into A Door Wreath


Don’t throw away that old umbrella because you can turn it into an amazing wreath for the front door or just anywhere in the house. First you will need the following items as shown below.

The major work involved painting up the umbrella with both spray and brush. Color wise, it is up to you and the color painted here is gold and blue.

The completed gold color for the handle and tip of the umbrella.

More work is required on the fabric part of the umbrella. First you will need to apply the primer followed by the final coating of the finishing color.

The completed final color in blue.

Assembling the rest of the items including the flowers will result in this…an umbrella flower wreath.

Well there is some simple arrangement of flowers required and the resulting wreath can be placed anywhere within the house. Here is our 2 cents take on this project. We think the umbrella flower wreath will equally look great event without the paint job. However it is really up to you.

If you required details of this project just drop in the resource below.

Source: How To Make An Umbrella Door Wreath | Hometalk