How to Transfer an Image to a Candle

transfering image to candles

Transferring an image onto a plain candle is one way to decorate the candle and giving it an upgrade.

In the past we had came across the many tutorial of transferring image to wood. The secret is the mod podge. Anyway when we came across transferring images onto candles, we thought it will be using mod podge too.

However we are wrong. The require stuffs boils down to :-

#Tracing Paper
#Heat Tool or Hair Dryer
#Wax paper

No  mod podge here however the method is still rather unique. First print lightly onto a tissue paper. Then trim the tissue paper and place this over the candle. Use the heat tool to fuse the image into the candle. The end results look amazing.

Interested, get more details from the source below.

Source: Transferring an Image to a Candle – Easy Gift Series – My Craftily Ever After