How to Make an Ocean Trash Art

ocean trash art

Besides drift woods ending up along the beaches, ocean trash also washes up on beaches too.

A large number of this trash are plastics. Plastic that were thrown away from unknown locations and that ends up in the oceans. Sometimes part of this plastic trash washes up to shores or beaches.

According to a Times article 13 Artists Who Turned Ocean Trash Into Amazing Art, plastic trash in the oceans is becoming a serious problem. It is estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean annually. Now that article was published in 2016 and it is likely that the amount of plastic waste entering the oceans could have increased.

The same article also explained why this marine plastic is a special threat. This is because it does not fully degrade, instead breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastics. Thus marine animals, can mistake the debris for food, leading to digestive issues and starvation or even death.

How make Ocean Trash Art

The good news is artists had taken note of this and are using them as a new medium in their art work creation. And this serves three purposes.

  • Aesthetically beautiful work created.
  • Plastic trash reduced
  • Awareness of the plastic trash issue created.

Speaking of awareness, I just love what this school teacher is doing with this ocean plastic waste. She is turning them into larger that size art work like marine animals. Here is the news report video.

Anyway, here some of the ocean trash art work created from the article by Time. It is just a small selection from the article by Time. It does takes creativity to come up with such works.

Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi, Washed Ashore—Octopus, 9″ x 12″, 2014

Artist Steve McPherson—Correlation, 100cm x 100cm, 2012

Artist John Dahlsen—Blue Rope, 165 x 44 cm

Artist Tess Felix—Beth Terry, 36″ x 36″ x 2″, 2013

As can be seen the artwork ranges from large to not so large. Artwork like the portrait and Correlation are work that are the right size which can be displayed on the walls of our homes. Which bring me to the point that we can make our own ocean trash art too.

The only problem is it will be difficult to get into this if we are not living near the oceans or seas but if we are, then this could be the new hobby that we can go into.

Keep it simple when just starting and the tools require are probably a glue gun, lots glue stick a collecting bucket and what ever tools necessary. You do need a backing board of some kind for your work.

As for the plastic material, you don’t have to go to the oceans to get it, you just need to go out to your beaches with a bucket looking for them. When collected, you need to clean them and dry them under the sun. Once cleaned and dried, they are ready to be used for your art work.

How to make an ocean trash art work?

Here is a video which you can adapt to make an ocean art work. Here she uses some plaster of Paris to hold the sea shells and all. Well instead of sea shells it will be your plastic collections from the beach.

In this video below, this artist is doing it differently. She likes to make latex cast of the objects found. Well this is art so it is really an individual interpretation and creativity.

The next example is almost a high tech way of making ocean trash art. Here the artist collected plastics by scooping them up from the oceans from a sailing boat. The plastic collected are then melted using a solar oven and press out into a chunks. Further work are carried out with them to make them into a high end art work.

For more inspiration, go to the site below. It is actually Pinterest.

Visit the link and go the article of the amazing artworks or the scroll down and look at the many ideas there of art work from trash. Look for wall art or small scale models where it can be adapted using ocean trash plastics.

Before ending here, I like to share an amazing website that show case ocean trash art.

Here is the website called WASHEDASHORE.ORG