How to Find DIY Thrift Store Crafts Ideas

Thrift store craft ideas

Such project may be known by other names like, repurposed, upcycling, transformation, etc. What ever it is called, turning thrift store finds into something amazing is a thrill and putting your creativity to work.

At the end of the day, you can proudly show your creation and say ” I did that”. In fact the process of finding an object from thrift stores is itself an amazing adventure. To find something useful and at a very low price is like finding a treasure.

thrift stores craft ideas

I myself loves visiting thrift stores. The moment upon entering into one, I am like a kid in a candy store. The possibilities are endless. Out there are objects awaiting to be discovered, to be transformed and have a place in a home.

The requirement of getting into thrift store crafts is not demanding. You will just need basic tools like a cutter, hot glue guns, lots of glue sticks, spray paint in cans ( favorite colors like white and gold ), cutting mat and sharpie markers.

Take for examples, vases and containers. They are an easy find in any thrift stores. They could be of metal, ceramics or glass. By its original state they are mostly uninspiring, worn out or outdated.

However they can be transformed by simply giving them a new coat of paint like these projects below.

Thrift store craft ideas
See tutorial at:

Or this second project where the metal containers are similarly transformed .

diy thrift store craft ideas.
See tutorial at :

Wrapping them in ropes is also a popular idea, like the following project.

See tutorial at :

Where to Find Inspiration for DIY Thrift Store Crafts Ideas

The next thing you need are ideas. Well there are really tons of ideas and my favorite ways of looking for inspiration is doing a search in Google and in Pinterest.

Here are the top 5 sites for some inspiration ideas for thrift store crafts.

Websites for Thrift Store
Crafts Inspiration
Website Link and Description
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Feel free to drop in the above sites. There are so many wonderful creation found in the sites.

I just like to quote what one of the owners said about working with thrift stores craft.

I love thrifting, and a good thrift store makeover. It’s kind of like going on a treasure hunt. I am amazed at what you can find for so cheap! All you need is an eye for potential and a can of spray paint to decorate your home on the cheap! Check out these gread DIY thrift store makeover ideas to get inspired:

That basically sums up what ones get when working on such project.