How to Decoupage – DIY Decoupage Tips

With a froufrou name like decoupage, you might expect the charming DIY craft to be as difficult as keeping your kids’ rooms decluttered. But all it really involves is cutting out pictures or designs from magazines, greeting cards, fabric, and the like and pasting them on to personal goods with glue. It’s about as simple as it sounds and seriously entertaining for any age, so it’s a fun thing to do at home for everyone from Grandma to the littles. It doesn’t require a ton of supplies, or any expensive ones, and only a small workspace. With a bit of prep, this is a craft you can do on the kitchen table. Move over, meatloaf! It’s also a great way to add character to larger pieces like furniture (also check out our guides on how to distress furniture and how to paint furniture).

Decoupage’s name evolved from the Middle French word découper, meaning to cut up, carve, or cut out, though the technique’s roots go back to East Siberia and China. By the 12th century it had made its way to Europe, with the French originating the classic style we see today some 500 years later. While it was once a method employed by professional artisans, nowadays it’s an extremely popular craft made easier thanks to nifty decoupage products, such as Mod Podge.

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Decoupage Mediums

Mod Podge, and other decoupage mediums, like DecoArt Americana Decoupage Glue and Aleene’s Collage Podge, act as all-in-one glue,…

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