How Evan Sharp wants to make Pinterest a wellness company

In an era when Facebook and Twitter have often punted their responsibilities when it comes to politics, harassment, privacy, and our very democracy, an unlikely company has made a series of notable changes focused on the health and happiness of its users: Pinterest.

[Image: Pinterest]

Within the last two years, Pinterest has banned political ads (well before Twitter), deleted harmful anti-vax content, created clinical resources for users searching for topics like self-harm, introduced the option to specify more inclusive skin colors (handy for finding applicable makeup tips, but also a way to break out of omnipresent Disney stereotypes of beauty), and created a way for users to tweak the content of targeted ads—which is a godsend to anyone who ever planned a nursery on Pinterest only to lose the child that room was meant for.

In the latest design of the app, which launches today, Pinterest has gone a step further. The new site makes some changes that are just good design sense: It eliminates some of the old design’s white space to increase information density, and the search bar is losing its top spot for a list of personalized suggestions instead. But more importantly, the redesigned site includes major changes to user profiles, including minimizing your photo and eliminating follower counts. The move is intended to break Pinterest users out of the popularity contest that can make services like Instagram and Facebook so miserable. Businesses and influencers can…

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