Home Décor: 7 wall décor ideas to give your room a vibrant touch

Are you looking at bare walls and thinking about how you can fill this empty space? Here are some wall décor ideas to give you walls a refreshing new look.

How do you feel when you walk into a room with bare walls? If you’re someone who doesn’t like the walls standing there and staring at you with emptiness, then you need to add some art to it.  For those of you who like the minimalistic look might find it boring in the days to come. Adding a little something that you like to your walls will make them look complete.

A dab of colour on the wall can only take the beauty of your room so far. If you really want to give your room a refreshed touch – then go for wall décor. You can buy stuff online, in the market or you can DIY wall décor ideas. Once you start brainstorming new ideas, a beautiful wall wouldn’t seem a far-fetched idea. Turn the boring empty wall into a statement piece that speaks volumes about your personality.

Take a look at some ideas that will allow you to utilize most of the empty walls of your house.

An art-piece

If you are into paintings or photographs, you can add a minimalistic art-piece to your walls or an abstract piece which will make your walls look vibrant.


Mirrors are an easy addition to any wall. They are pretty to look at and functional too. They give a modern touch to plain walls. They help create an illusion of a bigger space and help brighten the more as well.

Paint them yourself

Bring out the artist in you…

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