Halloween decorations impress on Cleveland Terrace in Darlington

A FRIENDLY competition between neighbours to outpace each other’s spooktacular Halloween decorations continued for another year of trick-or-treating today.

The Kneebone family and Dunphy family in Darlington have spent the past three years coming up with ways to “outdo” each other’s goulish exterior decorations.

The impressive decorations, which range from hand-carved pumpkins, a giant cobweb complete with spiders, eerie gravestones, skeletons and lighting, have been meticulously placed in and around two adjacent homes on Cleveland Terrace.

The Kneebone family’s giant cobweb Pictures: SARAH CALDECOTT

Stuart and Nichola Dunphy, who claim to have inspired the mysterious goings-on and kick-started the rest of the street’s decorations, said their offering “grew from the inside out”.

Mr Dunphy, a chemical engineer, said: “It grows in scale each year. We started a little bit earlier this year, normally we start a little bit before Halloween – it takes a few days to put everything together.

“It’s all inside our house as well, we have a Halloween party with lots of people round so all of the inside of the house gets decorated.

“It sort of grew from the inside of the house to the outside of the house.”

The Northern Echo:

The Dunphy family, who hand-carved several pumpkins as part of the decorations

Mr Dunphy, who said his wife took the Halloween decorations very seriously, said the street was becoming more competitive each year.

He added: “Nichola…

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