Halloween and Christmas collide with unique decoration display


At a home in Palmetto Trace in Panama City Beach, you’ll find all the classic Christmas decorations, trees, wreaths, candy canes, and a twelve-foot-tall skeleton in a Santa hat.

“Well, we had him up for Halloween and a few neighbors reached out to us through Facebook and giving us ideas like, ‘Hey we’d love to see him out with a Santa hat,’” said Cheryl Pope.

Cheryl and her husband Paul say they’ve named the skeleton “Skeletor” and he’s been the talk of the neighborhood this holiday season.

“Oh my gosh, people are stopping, taking pictures,” said Pope. “It’s just been wonderful. People love him.”

The Pope’s say they typically decorate heavily for Christmas and they’re glad Skeletor was so well received.

“We were really excited to move to this neighborhood because this neighborhood really goes all out for all holidays but Christmas especially,” said Pope.

They aren’t sure if they’ll bring him out again next Christmas but for now, he and every festive bone in his body are on display, let’s just hope he doesn’t scare Santa away!

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