Halloween 2020 packed full of happenings

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) –

Halloween weekend 2020 is packed full of happenings. Daylight savings is coming to an end, there will be a full moon on Saturday, and of course, there’s Halloween.

“Instead of it being this huge production, but more of an intimate production,” said Brenda Giere, Halloween Express Co-Owner.

Brenda Giere, Co-Owner of Halloween express in Fargo, said many are looking to celebrate on a smaller scale setting.

“I know that we have just seen a surge of stuff sell through our home decor department,” said Giere. “So that tells me that people are deciding to maybe have their festivities and their fun and their parties at their home.”

Parents like Alyssa Otto from Bagley, Minnesota, said she’s going all out for her kids.

“They were talking about no trick-or-treating and stuff like that for the kids, but it’s like you know with this covid stuff going on, yes there are risks you take every day going out, but I mean you know these kids have had to go through a lot with distance learning,” said Alyssa Otto from Bagley, MN.

“We have two kids, two boys,” said Cory Chaput from Fargo. “We’re just going to do like normal, I guess. See who shows up, and we’ll have the light on and candy ready.”

Some parents have their candy chutes ready or trunk or treats picked out.

Others said they’ve gotten ideas off our Valley News Live Facebook thread.

“It’s the one fun thing that they look forward to in the year, and if everybody’s been…

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