Granddad spends £13,000 transforming home into haunted house for charity

The witch room (Picture: SWNS)

If you thought you might have overspent on your costume for Halloween, spare a thought for Rod Dawson, who’s spent £13,000 this year alone on doing up his house for the big day.

The 55-year-old from Cornwall, has transformed his bungalow into a spooky house of horrors, complete with themed rooms featuring clowns, witches, and ghosts.

While it may seem extravagant, the spooky decor is all for a good cause, as Rod opens his home to the public and takes donations for charity each year.

As well as the creepy ornaments and wall hangings adorning the house, the granddad has also got 10 volunteers to get in on the freaky fun by frightening those who dare to enter.

Anyone who is brave enough to go into the St. Austell house will start off in a completely black hallway with ghouls projected onto the walls and skeletons hanging from the ceiling.

Rod has roped in 10 volunteers to gently spook his guests (Picture: SWNS)
This year a pirate room was added to the house of horrors (Picture: SWNS)

From there, they’ll head to the ‘butcher’s quarters’, where they’ll see heads and limbs hanging bloody from the ceiling, while the butcher himself appears with a pig’s mask with blood covering his body and wields a machete.

The alien room features a dead alien laying on a surgical table with flies coming out of his mouth.

Next up a young woman dangles across the bed resembling a scene from the exorcist whilst a girl takes the role of…

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