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Once Upon a DIVA Returns!
For anyone who has missed SLC’s finest drag artists, Metro Music Hall has brought it back, starting in July and continuing into August with the return of one of Viva La Diva’s most prized showcases—the one and only Once Upon a DIVA. The show involves parodies of beloved fairytale characters and stories, from the most hated villains to the sweetest of protagonists. Whether you’re a Disney maniac or not, the drama of the drag world certainly offers up a plot twist to classic tales with help from their host CoZmo-Bell. After more than a month of re-starting shows, and also considering that Metro Music Hall is one of the more cavernous venues in the city (a quality that maybe used to be annoying in terms of bands filling the void between the stage and ceiling, but now is certainly a boon under pandemic circumstances), the space seems like one of the safer bets for gathering indoors—and Lord, there’s probably air conditioning to some extent. All seats are spaced six to eight feet apart, masks are required, and more social distancing rules and ticket info can be found at thevivaladivashow.com; head over fast, before the limited tickets sell out….

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