Fun DIY Ideas To Upgrade Your Plastic Drawers At Home

Off the shelves, plastic drawers are plain and simple looking.  They are cheap but useful for organizing your stuffs. With some simple diy you can turn it into a great looking piece that suits well with your space and uses. Here are 3 examples.

Professional Makeup Counter
Get some low height plastic drawers. Then removes all the drawer and use metallic gold spray paint on the plastic frame. And instantly you will get a great looking piece for your make-up corner. You can use it organize your things. And this diy project is not expensive so you save yourself money from having to get a dedicated furnishing for the same purpose. Here is how it looks like.

Chick looking Storage Drawers

Plastic drawers are just plain looking. Why not  fix it up. Just cut out a piece of hard paper backing so that it fits and cover the front part of  the drawer. Then here is the fun part, grab your favorite craft paper, cut it and tape it onto the backing.  Now your drawer has a new look!

Faux Wood Finish

Sometime you will need to match your present decor or furniture.It is the colors that that can be a headache. However, not now…there is the faux wood colors that you can now paint onto your drawers. Just pick the colors to match your other items.

Well the above are just 3 ways you can put your plastic drawers to good use as well as a gorgeous looking items too. It is really up to your creativity and an eye to spot the opportunity.

Source: New And Fun DIY Ways To Use Plastic Drawers At Home