Fun Crafts Ideas for Kids on the Fourth of July

Learning doesn’t stop because schools close for the summer. Parents can keep their children engaged with 4th of July arts and crafts. Some projects are simple but fun; others a little more scientific. More crafts embed science and computer coding, but not all coding projects require a computer. In celebration of Independence Day, here are a few projects kids can play with, or at least try.

Build a July 4th Freedom Kite

Online and retail stores sell kite-making kits for children, including toddlers, but some children enjoy kite building from the ground up. Although this particular DIY kite project is geared to fourth graders, older children and adults will also enjoy making and flying this 4th of July Freedom Kite. The required materials are relatively inexpensive:

—One 24-inch wooden dowel
—One 20-inch wooden dowel
—Red, white and blue paper cut into at least 26″x 26″ pieces
—String, twine or fishing line
—Craft glue
—Fabric strips

There are different ways to construct this kite. Parents and children can work together, or children can work as a group under adult supervision. This Independence Day project is quite immersive.   

Launch a Canister Rocket    

Create the rocket’s red glare without real fireworks by using Alka-Seltzer and H20 to fuel the rocket. Although this Science Bob project does not require tons of rocket science, several rounds of testing might be needed before a successful launch. When the…

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