Must Have Essential Craft Tools


A common question we got is what are the essential craft tools to have when getting into the craft hobby. Like any hobbies, having the essential tools is important. Having them makes your work easier and efficient. So it is no different when it comes to DIY crafts. So here we list down the must have crafting tools when you are starting out or looking to complete your collection of tools for your craft hobby. Beside tools we included some essential craft supplies into the list too. These craft supplies are the recommended ones as you will be using them often in you craft works.

1. Scissors

Nothing is more essential than scissors. It is more or less a multipurpose cutting tool. For crafting get the heavy duty and stainless steel ones for durability and reliability. It is recommended to get more than one pair of scissors for different uses.There will be time when you need to cut fabrics to paper and even metal foil. Then there are scissors that can cut patterns for paper edge. So get a suitable scissor that you need to use for cut the material that you use the most. Below is a collection of paper edge cutting scissors. We also did a search for best selling craft scissors in The link is below.

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2. Cutters ( Craft Knife )

Next to scissors are craft knives for making precise cut. Do consider rotary cutters as this speeds up cutting when cutting multiple layers of fabric, paper, felt and vinyl. Using rotary cutter for this is much better than using scissors. It will be tough using scissors. I once tried cutting multiple layers of fabrics with a scissor and end up with blisters on my fingers.

And don’t forget to check out the rotary cutters!
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3. Circular Cutter

Get a circular cutter to produce perfect circles. It is much better and faster compared to using scissors and cut perfect circles. Below are some selection of circular cutters with one that can cut larger diameter circles.

4. Ruler

Another basic tools that one cannot do without. Get the metal types or good quality plastic for durability and stability especially when you need it as a guide for making cuts. Here is one recommended ruler with a safety guide. As for length, we recommend 12 to 15 inch.

5. Cutting Mat

Protect your working surface with a cutting mat. Get those which are self healing. Further more cutting mats have dimension grids on it which is useful for quick reference. Below is an example of a self healing mat. Having a cutting mat is one of the best investment.

6. Paper Trimmer or Cutter

This is great when one needs to cut long straight strips of paper. Again, this ease up the work. The use of a paper trimmer is easy and it really speeds up the work compared to using either a scissor or cutting knife.

7. Paper and Hole punchers

They are great when you need to punch out repeated patterns or shapes from papers. Likewise for hole punchers, they come in handy when making holes on tags and banners.

8. Coloring Mediums

Needless to say, having different coloring medium will come in useful for many general purposes. There will be time when you need to use them for adding colors to writing out messages like quotes in colors. Get a few coloring medium but the popular ones are color pencils, color makers and chalk markers.

9. Washi Tape, Ribbons and Twine.

They are just supper useful as there are so many ways you can include them in your crafts to make them stand out.  The types and patterns are endless. So they are great to have around.

10. Mod Podge and Foam Brushes

Those superb photo transfer methods from print to wood won’t work perfectly if not for Mod Podge. So it is great to have them in you arsenal of tools. And don’t forget to grab some foam brushes or foam rollers for application of Mod Podge onto the surfaces required.

11. Hot Glue Gun

Well a glue gun is another useful tool to have. You can use it to glue fabric, paper, plastic, wood, etc. Using a hot glue gun is convenient  for many purposes. It is easy to apply, clean, and dries quickly. As for the type of hot glue gun, go for the hybrid multi-temp types and cordless if possible. Ah…don’t forget do get some glue sticks too.

And finally, this is not a tool or craft material, it is baby wipes. Baby wipes? What for…you may ask. Well may I ask you when you are in the  midst of working on a project or you need to clean up quickly to move on to the next project, what do you use? Well I found baby wipes the best, it is already moist so making it suitable to clean out easily. And after use, just toss them into the trash bin. Convenience at it’s best.

So there you have it. 11 essential tools for crating as a guide to get you started. Happy Crafting.

Essential Craft Tools

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