Easy DIY Fall Decor That Will Keep Your Home Looking Slayed

Chances are, you are reading this from home. This year more than ever, we are working, studying, and living more in the comfort of our own casa. This is fun if you have activities to keep you and the fam busy, entertained, and excited to expand knowledge and experience. But if not, you can oftentimes feel bored, isolated, and needing something new to look forward to in your day. This is where some fun, creative crafts come into play.

Nothing unites a bored group like some cool DIY projects. And since fabulous fall is finally here, this means making things that pay homage to Halloween, Thanksgiving and just autumn in general. It may be 2020, but if you’ve decorated every other year once late September comes around, why should you let this horrid year stop you now?! The holiday spirit is just what any pandemic-era household needs for an inexpensive pick-me-up.

We searched the eternal rabbit hole that is YouTube for some super cool, easy to execute, and relatively inexpensive DIYs that celebrate fall. So, get the family and/or close friends together (but not in a large group!) and unwind with some artsy time that will leave your homes feeling cozier and more ready for the holidays.

$1 PUMPKINS by Practically Home

The dollar store is brimming with great, inexpensive holiday decor. But, there are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to take these items up a notch, and make them look luxe. One is this tutorial by Practically Home. In it, she takes $1 pumpkins and…

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