DIY U-Shaped Raised Garden Beds (PART 1)

Raised Garden Bed is one way that can help you to grow plants.Having a raised garden you can fill it with quality soil and it offers better drainage compared to just ground level planting.
Another benefits of raised garden is accessibility , but this becomes a problem when the size of the garden in rectangular shape becomes too large. Thus a way to overcome this is to use a U-shape. Now you can reach the whole area of the raised garden easily.
Here are some shapes which you may have a look and decide to pick the one you like.
The first one is a typical U shaped raised garden. It is about a foot high and is ready to be filled with soil ready for planting as be seen in the second photos.
The builder even placed garden lamps at the corners of the raised garden after filling with soil.
 Here is another take of U-shape raised garden. This offers for space for planting but required less open space used for building it.
This is how it looks after it is filled with soil.
This is end of part 1. Stay tune for the second part where we will more photos of different U-shape raised gardens. In the you can see more of how to build these raised gardens at the source below :

Source: Learn How to Build A U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed