DIY Home Decor Ideas Using River Rocks


River rocks can be turned into great looking home decor pieces. Here are some examples to give you ideas of what can be achieved. For most of the project, you will need a hot glue gun, acrylic colors and lots of river rocks.

Candle Holder

Our favorite project is this candle holder. Just look at the cute looking eyes and the image project the feeling of warmth and coziness. This is a simple DIY project which can be easily completed in a few hours.

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Pebble Coaster

pebble coaster

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Pebble Wall Art

Even tiny river rocks can come in handy like this piece of wall art.


Rustic Pebble Art

Forming art on rustic wood.


Rock Paper Weights

This is such a simple project but it adds color and uniqueness to the humble paper weight.


So the next time if you have the chance to get hold of river rocks, use them to create cool looking home decor items like the above examples. However we believe that many more creation can be created with river rocks.