Displaying Pictures using Mason Jars

Photos in Mason Jar

Here is another simple project of displaying photographs or any other pictures. It is best the picture is in black and white. This gives it the vintage feel and look.

Earlier we had posted a similar project in which we share how to display photographs using letter wooden blocks.The post is Simple DIY Family Memory Letter Blocks.

For this Mason jar project , here is what you will need.

•A suitable size mason jar ( able to contain your photo) with lid.
•Black and white picture. Trimmed to fit if necessary.
•Vegetable oil.
•Dried flowers which is optional.

Place the photo in followed by the pouring in the vegetable oil until the photo is fully submerged.

Add the dried flower if available.

Finally tightened the lid and display. For fragrance, you may like to add some essential old like lavender or sorts.

Here is how it will look like up close.

Project idea from the source below.

Source: August and After: DIY: vintage pictures and mason jars