Create the Ideal Kids Homework Station

Here’s how you can prepare a homework and school work station that works for your child’s at-home learning experience.

As parents head into another season of remote learning, many are wondering how they can optimize the at-home schooling experience. Round one was a little haphazard, but now we have a heads up to prepare and make at-home learning more effective and less stressful than it was during the beginning of the pandemic. One way to do this is to create a dedicated kids station for studying, school work, and homework. Parenting and education expert Karen Aronian, Ed.D., a former NYC public school teacher with an education doctorate from Teachers College, shares some great ideas about how best to customize your home for your kids’ learning.

Dr. Aronian’s advice comes from a central concept: “Homes are designed for adults. So, consider what amount of space you are offering to your child and their interests.” Every learning space should be intentional and inspirational, she says. “When the wallpaper gets old, it’s time to redo it.” The space should be an invitation to kids and should combine comfort, function, and interest.

Picking a Designated Homework and School Work Space

Any room can be the designated study hall, Dr. Aronian says. However, it’s very important to pick a quiet spot without any distractions like TV, devices of any sort, and toys….

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