Can’t Travel? 55 Things People Aged 55+ Can Do When They’re Practicing Social Distancing

Listen up, Boomers: study after study has shown that people aged 60 and older are more likely than younger people to have complications from catching COVID-19. With more than 150,000 diagnosed cases around the world, it’s important that everyone do what they can to help stop the spread – which means even healthy people across all age groups should limit social interaction to reduce the risk of becoming a carrier and passing the virus to someone else.

But the fact that you probably should stay home doesn’t make dealing with boredom any easier, especially for adults used to being active and social. But don’t worry – extra time at home can be a blessing in disguise if you have something to occupy your time. So, if you’re 55+, check out this list of 55 activities you can finally dive into now while your travel plans are on hold. And if you’re worried about older parents or family members who aren’t taking it easy, consider sending them this list to help them get used to a quieter few days at home. Of course, none of these activities require that you be a certain age to do them, so feel free to jump on in whether you’re 19 or 92.

Virtually volunteer at a museum: You can still be helpful while staying at home. If you have good typing skills, consider volunteering with the Smithsonian Institute, which is always in need of volunteers to help transcribe important documents.

Learn an instrument: Do you have an…

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