Best home and office indoor plant decor ideas that are refreshing

We all love to stroll around a park or a beach after a long day at work because of the greenery. It is true, plants do add a lively character to your otherwise dull office surroundings. There are many advantages to having indoor plants. They are easy to carry, they improve the quality of air and it makes for a pleasant home atmosphere. Here are some indoor office plant decor ideas that you can adopt.

1. Jade Plants

Jade with scientific name Crassula Ovata is a tiny desert flora that bears small cute flowers. This is one of those plants that will also add beauty to your office or home. The biggest advantage is that the plant needs minimal watering. In Japanese culture, the plants are also called as ‘money plant’. It is considered that the plant brings in financial success. 

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2. English Ivy

English Ivy with scientific name Hedera Helix is one of those evergreen plants that will definitely add greenery to your life. It is considered that the plant helps to reduce the harmful airborne particles. This is an ideal plant for those home or office surroundings. If you feel lack of fresh air in your office and if your office management allows it, then you need one such plant. Also, this plant that bears juicy fruits that even though it may not be eaten, it will add to the decor in the office.

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3. Snake…

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