Bathroom Decorating Ideas From Around the World – Times Square Chronicles

It’s pretty well-known that bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms that get a makeover and get decorated or remodeled. While kitchens are usually decorated in ways that encourage get-together since they’re considered the hub of the house for family gatherings, the bathroom is decorated for the complete opposite purpose. They’re designed with privacy and relaxation in mind.  

If you’re thinking, “If you’ve seen one bathroom, you’ve seen them all,” remove that thought immediately! They’re not all created equally. Different societies have different perceptions of what is needed in a bathroom. For instance, you can go from squat-types of toilets in different areas of the world like parts of Asia and the Middle East to high-tech toilets in Europe and North America. 

a little tour with us now, and maybe you’ll find some ingenious new decorating ideas for your bathroom borrowed from different countries around the world.


Italians are known for much more than just pizza! Italians love fashion and will dress up just to go down to the supermarket to pick up a carton of milk. They’re known for their high-fashion taste in all sorts of things from clothes to shoes and bags, and also known for their refined taste in their homes. Many Italian designers do use Venetian style of decorating, which includes fancy, intricate details and antique style of furniture from chairs to tables in the bathroom. 

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