Back to Basic – Basic Rules of Home Decorating & Design

design rules

It is great some time to get back to basics and in this case basic design rules for home decorating or home interiors.

The presenter is Laurence Roderick Llewelyn-Bowen. According to Wikipedia :

He is a British self-styled “homestyle consultant” and television personality best known for his appearances on the BBC programme Changing Rooms and for being a judge on the ITV reality series Popstar to Operastar in 2010.

I find the video interesting and learned some thing from it too. The presenter himself was fun and humorous but he knows his stuffs.

Basic of design

These 6 parts design video by BBC and the tittle is “Design Rules”. No doubt these videos are done in 2003, basics are true then and now. SO it is still worth to see them. The videos covered the following topics like:

  1. Space and Planning
  2. Color
  3. Lighting
  4. Pattern and Texture
  5. Interior Planning
  6. Personality

I am presenting all the six videos here so you can see all of it in one place.

Happy viewing.