A Stylish Take on an Old-Fashioned Craft

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The pandemic has divided the country on distancing and reopening, but surely we can all agree on one thing: We’re bored.

Today, a new project by T: The New York Times Style Magazine encourages readers to lose the technology, tap into their inner stylist and return to a traditional art form: the paper doll.

The project, appearing online, invites readers to download and print a PDF of two doll figurines, along with several outfits, so readers can cut out the dolls, paste them on a surface and dress them up. All you need is a printer, paper and some scissors. If you have never dressed paper dolls, fear not: Each item of clothing comes with tabs that can be folded around the two-dimensional figurines. The project also includes an animated GIF that shows what the dressed dolls will look like.

The idea came about in late March, when T Magazine editors realized they would be working from home for some time. They started brainstorming ideas that would engage artists they admire and inspire readers to rediscover crafts from the staff’s early years.

“I loved playing with paper dolls as a kid,” said Hanya Yanagihara, the editor in chief of T Magazine. She recalled the days when her parents, both of whom are artistic, would create paper dolls shaped like cats or rabbits to help her pass the time.

“When I was in fifth grade, I missed the entire second…

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