7 Ways To Attract and Increase Positive Energy in Your Home

Attract positive energy to home

Here are 7 ways to attract and increase positive energies in your home. While you cannot see positive energy, you can certainly experience it especially when it is increasing. These positive energies are given off by positive vibration from our surroundings. So keep in mind these seven ways every time you need to have a positive energy boost.

1) Declutter Your Space

A decluttered space reduces stress and promotes the flow of positive energy. Decluttering starts with getting rid of things you do not need. One of the way to do it is to use the Marie Kondo method. In this method you have to ask yourself the question about the item you want to get rid of. The question is; “Does the item spark joy?” If the answer is no, then you should get rid of it by either donating it or give it to a friend.

Then once you get rid of the items you do not need, the next step is to organize the place. Put the things in their places and give the place a good clean up. Finally give your cleaned up space a nice fresh smell for the extra dose of positive vibes!

2) Bring Nature into Your Home With Flowers or Plants

Bring Nature into Your Home With Flowers or Plants

Plants and flowers, they are one way to bring nature into our homes. Plants radiates harmonious energy, are great mood boosters and with their colors, they bring calmness and positive vibes. And the study by NASA shows that plants can also detoxify the air in your home. Furthermore they have aroma-therapeutic properties similar to essential oils where the benefits are better sleep, mood booster which help to make you feel more peaceful and energetic.

3) Add Crystals to Your Home

This is another way of bringing nature into your home. They can cleanse and transform positively the energy and mood of the space where they are placed. Select the right crystal for the transforming effect that you want to have.

4) Welcome Natural Light

Himalayan natural lamp

Use as much natural light as possible by opening up your windows and curtains and let light in. As for darker areas of your home light them up with natural light emitting lamps. One such lamp is the Himalayan salt lamps. They emit a soothing, soft, calming and natural glow. Definite a plus in helping you to relax and sleep better. Besides that, they look good too.

5) Use Essential Oils

This is one of the best ways to clear away negative energy and fill your home a mood boosting fresh fragrance. Like crystals mentioned above, each essential oil has its own qualities, and characteristics. So you can choose the oil that fits your needs. If you are looking for stress relief or calming effect, then lavender and frankincense will be suitable. You can use an electronic diffuser to diffuse the oil rather than the method of candle-burning. There are many affordable, aesthetically-pleasing diffusers in the market and one of them is this Innogear Cool Mist diffuser.

6) Burn Incense

burn incense

Burning of incense is another way to cleanse a space of negative energy and the nice fragrance that is given off, it is a great way to refresh your home. The smoke from the incense is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties. Also you can burn incense when you want to have inspiring creativity, evoking protection, infusing blessings and bringing both love and good fortune. Again there are many types of incense available, the common ones are Camphor Incense , Loban (Benzoin) Incense, Dragon’s Blood Incense. One of the best time to burn incense is after a decluttering and cleaning up of the home.

7) Use Colors To Boost Your Mood

Color is often overlooked when it comes to attracting positive energies. However research has shown how colors greatly affect our moods and behavior. One quick way to change the mood of a space is simply to have a new coat of paint. Generally bright colors will give a feeling of space and are considered to be friendly and happy colors. While cold colors gives a sense of calm and serene which suitable for spaces for relaxation or sleeping.

In Conclusion

The benefits of positive energy are many and some of them are it makes you feel good, keep your mood great and help us to focus. So keep in mind that positive energy is all around you, and can always be recharged, cleansed and powered up again any time you need.