7 of the best pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween 2019, from Donald Trump to the pumpkin ice bucket

All ready for Halloween but stuck with carver’s block? Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 4:42 pm

Updated Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 4:43 pm

You’ve picked out the perfect pumpkin for Halloween – just the right amount of misshapen to look suitably scary.

You’ve lugged it all the way home, chopped off its top and scooped out the insides. Now comes the hard part.

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How are you going to carve it?

While the scary face with the jagged mouth and pointy eyes is an undeniable classic, here are a few other suggestions if you feel like getting more creative this year.

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The friendly pumpkin

While Halloween is supposed to be all about the scares, the holiday now incorporates a whole lot of cheerful stuff too.

One of the simplest variations you could try is giving Mr O’Lantern a different facial expression from the usual sinister grin.

Carve some softer shapes into his little orange face and hey presto – you’ve got yourself a pleasant pumpkin pal!

The pop cultural pumpkin

Bad movies can still make for good pumpkins. Picture: Halloween Carved Pumpkins

While some people like to dress up as the most frightening thing they can think of, plenty of people like to use Halloween as a chance to pay tribute to their favourite film, TV or gaming characters.

Many do the same with their jack’o’lanterns and,…

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