Here Are 7 Gorgeous Vertical Plant Hanger Ideas


One way to display your collection of potted plants is to use a vertical plant hanger. Vertical plant hanger saves space and makes it easy to water the plant. You just need to water the top plant and let the excess water drips down to the plants below.

They can be place indoors our outdoors but where ever they are placed they can spice up the surrounding space and look absolutely fabulous at the same time.

There are many types of vertical plant hangers. Some come ready made which you can buy or you can take the DIY route of making your own. We came across this blog  which show in details how to make one.

It can use to hang 4 potted plants and this is how it looks like once completed.


Looks amazing isn’t it. There is no stopping you to make more hangers if you want to or you have a number of potted plants you like to hang up. A number of vertical hangers together will look amazing.

Here are some more vertical hanger projects we found in Pinterest. It is a great site to look for ideas and inspiration because others had done the work. We are showing some of the ideas here which we felt is unique. We had a link back to source in Pinterest for your reference in case you want to find out more.

1) Macramé plant hangers

macramé plant hangers

Macramé plant hanger is another classics. The intricate rope weaving skill is already itself an art. Here is the link of the image above: Image Source.

2 ) Potted Hanging Herb Garden


Source of image : Image Source Link

3) Open Wooden Cubes Hanger


Actually, we came out with the name of this plant hanger as we can’t find the exact description of it. However we found it to be unique and think it can be made the DIY way.  Here is the source : Image Source Link

4) Up-cycled Window Shutter Vertical Plant Hanger


We found this to be unique and has the rustic look. Some more what a great idea of using the window shutter this way. Image Source Link

5) Shelves Hanging Garden Planter 


This design is like a shelve. One can custom made it according to your own requirement. Image Source.

6) Vertical hanger Garden Using a Pole


Using a pole is a unique take of vertical garden. Here is one placed outdoors for the herbs but it canbe easily adapted or altered for placing indoors. Image Source Link

7) Another Version of Vertical Plant Hanger


The frame could be of metal or wood. Using a number of these straight pieces to form a grid pattern. And with some S-hooks and plants in bucket with handles, they are hung onto the grid. Again can be adapted for indoors if required. Here is the source: Image Source Link


Well there you have it, the above we had gathered here 7 ideas of vertical hanging garden to give you a head start in case you are planning to make one. See which one is suitable and you can make one over the week ends.