7 DIY Wall Projects for the Home You Should Know How To Do

Lately, weekly meal prep, work meetings, and kids’ activities have all been taking place inside the same four walls. So you might have caught yourself staring at one of those walls and wondering how you can upgrade its look and improve your view.

Fortunately, there are loads of wall projects out there for DIY-savvy homeowners looking to put a new spin on their decor. And DIY jobs are a smart twofer: You’ll feel accomplished by completing a task with your own two hands, and you’ll save money—and who couldn’t go for that right now?

To help you get started with some wall-themed home improvements, here are seven ways to fix up and beautify your surroundings, including the tools you’ll need and the time it’ll take. What are you waiting for?

1. Patch a wall

Photo by Lauren Shadid Architecture and Interiors

Unsightly holes from your kid’s posters and other random wall hangings need to be addressed pronto.

Patching drywall to clean up your walls takes just a few minutes,” says Hunter Macfarlane, a Lowe’s project expert. “All you have to do is scrape away loose debris, fill the hole, and then smooth the area once it’s dry.”

Time for project: A few minutes to patch, plus some drying time (up to two hours)

Tools required: Spackle, taping or putty knife, old rag, sandpaper, and, if you plan to repaint the wall, paint supplies (brush, roller, pan)

2. Install a shelf

Photo by Four Brothers…

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