5 Fun DIY Craft Projects for Fall |

Give your home a warm and cozy vibe this fall with a few DIY projects that are sure to add seasonal cheer to any space. Whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity to keep kids busy or searching for affordable décor options, these fall craft ideas are a great place to start — all you need is your creativity and a few supplies.

Add fall flavor to a tabletop or mantel by filling mason jars with wheat and dried baby’s breath flowers. Give the mason jar an elevated look by wrapping it with jute ribbon and lace. Or, you can simply roll coordinating scrapbooking paper into decorative cuffs that slip inside.

Carving pumpkins can be messy and dangerous for little ones. This year skip the mess and decorate pumpkins using duct tape. Duck Tape provides a fun and creative way to craft stylish and spooky pumpkin designs. Available in a variety of colors, designs and licenses, there’s a tape for everyone in the family. Kids can simply cover a pumpkin with the tape of their choice or cut out a scary stencil to provide the illusion of a carved pumpkin. Duck Brand even offers Glow in the Dark Duck Tape so creations can be enjoyed at night. Pro tip: use craft pumpkins that won’t go bad or attract unwanted guests. You can even enjoy them year after year.

Banners are an easy way to make your own décor without spending a lot of money. DIY banners…

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