5 FREE Ways To Transform Your Bedroom

Plants in bedroom

Bedroom decoration

The bedroom is the place we spend most of our time, but sometime it is also tends to be the most neglected when it comes to decorating. It maybe because we think it required some more money to decorate the rooms as most will place priorities of the decorating budgets for the living rooms or kitchen because these are the places where we receive visitors.

Here are some great tips for brightening up your bedroom for free.

A new fresh arrangement always makes a room feel new. Don’t be afraid to try new angles for your furniture…place your bed on a diagonal, or even right in the middle of the room!

2.Use whats available creatively
Search your drawers for scarves, tablecloths, or even pillowcases that compliment your color scheme. You can use things you already own to soften a dresser top or the edge of your nightstand, or perhaps lay a pretty shawl over the foot of the bed. If you already have throw pillows on your bed (if you don’t, it’s time to steal them from another room!) you can also wrap these fabrics around the pillows for a new look, and just safety pin it in back.

bedroom decoration

Add a plant to your room. Look around your house to see if one of your existing plants would be happier in your bedroom, then move it there! If you can’t find a plant ready for relocation, make one! Many plants can be grown from cuttings, either your existing houseplants, one a friend may let you cut, or even some outdoor plants. Ivy and many others like in this article best plants for bedroom air quality are very good houseplants. Get creative with containers like using old teapots and cups, glass bowls, even baking dishes.

4. Add memorabilia to your room.
Keep things that makes your smile and happy. For example it could be photos of your love ones , your children when they are small. How about going the extra mile like hanging your wedding veil from the headboard, or framing your wedding invitation or old love letters?

5.Add scent.
If you don’t have any potpourri or incense in the house, cut up some orange peels and allow to dry, then mix with whatever sweet spices you have in your cupboard. (It only takes a pinch, try cinnamon, ginger, or allspice.) Place your potpourri in an open bowl in your room to freshen and inspire! Later in the summer, make sure to include flowers in your room, if you don’t have roses or other scented flowers in your yard, roadside daisies can smell great too!

You see, just a few small changes and with no money involved, you can instantly transformed your bedrooms to a better, more positive place for you and your love ones.