3 DIY Projects you can create with your kids | Local

While many places in Rome and Floyd County are getting back to business as usual, there are still many local families who are staying at home.

Many parents are still home with the kids. And while schoolwork and entertainment take up some of that time together, there’s also the chance to teach and learn other skills. Some parents who are trying to be more innovative can turn to science and DIY projects as constructive ways to pass the time.

Here are three Do-It-Yourself projects local parents and their kids can work on any time and they only require a few simple ingredients.

No matter how big the words are in the classroom, kids love science. By making homemade lava lamps, you can teach your student about why water and oil don’t mix. The best part about it is that you can likely do this with items that are already in your kitchen.

– A bottle or a flask (make sure it’s clear)

Fill the bottle or flask most of the way with vegetable oil, then fill the rest up with water. The water is going to sink to the bottom of the bottle (because science).

Next, you’ll add some food coloring. That will also sink to the bottom under the oil since food coloring is water-based. Finally, take your Alka-seltzer tablet and break it into a few small pieces. Seal the bottle.

Now, you can watch as your lava lamp erupts into beautiful colors, and your student just…

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