20 tiny gifts that will make a big impact

Every year there’s an expectation that the holiday season is not a success without a mountain of presents. But who said those gifts need to be big?

This year, invest in some miniature-sized gifts instead. They’re creative, adorable, and in the case of miniature electronics, a perfectly affordable way to gift a very useful item. From rose perfume to plant holsters and air fryers, this gift list has a little bit of everything small for everyone in your life.

Image: Mousemarket on etsy

Everybody needs some more chunky jewelry, and these adorable pumpkin pie bites are just the slice of earring heaven that your jewelry box needs. They even come with a dollop of whipped cream on top! Get into the holiday season by adorning your earlobes with one of the best desserts. 

Price: $30.50 on Etsy

20 tiny gifts that will make a big impact

Everybody could use some more mini fridge action. Whether you’re using it in your car (it has an AC connector) during long road trips or underneath your desk in your dorm, this little baby has massive possibilities — it can hold last night’s leftovers, six cans, or your temperature-sensitive skincare products.

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

20 tiny gifts that will make a big impact

Seasonal depression who? No one needs to feel trapped inside all winter when you can cover your apartment in leafy greens. This winter, get your loved ones some cute ceramic pots for their plant babies.

Price: $18.99 for a set of six on Amazon

20 tiny gifts that will make a big impact

Image: dandyrions on etsy

Maybe if drink buddies were this cute, people would be more inspired to use…

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