20 Ideas to Shop Local Online While Sheltering in Place

Close your Amazon tab and #BuyBayArea

Photo: Butter&Bakery

It’s hard to know how to start an article these days without saying something like “these are strange, unprecedented times.” Because they truly are. As the Bay Area shelters in place, so many of our beloved independent retail stores have shuttered to obey the city order and help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Any business that’s not deemed essential, such as grocers, hardware stores, and banks (full list here), has shut their doors to customers until April 7 at the earliest.

The impact this crisis will have on our local economy is hard to fathom. The good news is that there are ways we can all support the small businesses that make our city and region so special — and it’s our duty to go out of our way to do so if we have the means.

The community has already stepped up, showing an outpouring of love and turning that into action. A group of helpful citizens even created this shared document with a running list of how to buy from and support local establishments, many of which are getting creative and rolling out increased focus on curbside pickup and online orders while others are selling merchandise and gift cards to help them get by.

We at The Bold Italic encourage you to adopt a pledge to #BuyBayArea as much as possible while this crisis unfolds. To start, we suggest that you:

  • Make a list of all of your favorite local shops.
  • Go to their websites (or check this document) to see if they take online orders.
  • If…

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