15 Easy Weekend Home Decorating Ideas For You

15 easy weekend decorating ideas for your home

We too are big fans of easy weekend decorating projects. These are project where one can get it done quickly and still leave time to enjoy your handy work, relax and hang out with friends. So as usual we went online to look for easy week end projects in the year 2018 and we hit upon these 15 projects.

1. Paint a wall

15 easy weekend decorating ideas for your home

Painting a fresh coat of paint remains one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room. And here is a tip “No need to force yourself to paint all four walls!”. Go for a focal wall instead. The aim is to highlight certain features of that wall, it could be a fireplace, an architectural work or even the TV. Then don’t forget about two-tone paints in the room or using wall decals. Go with what you like.

2. Add instant storage

This could be just installing a couple of floating shelf or a set of free-standing shelves in the corner. Having more storage space is definitely a plus factor as it adds both functionality and style.

3. Build a headboard

And off to the bed room. Hmm…how about a headboard for the bed. This is a wonderful feature to decorate both the bed and the bedroom. You could use a multiple items for the head board like old window shutters, pallet woods, etc, Just look around what yo got or can get hold off for free or at a low cost and turn it into a magical headboard.

4. Rethink what you have

15 Easy Weekend Home Decorating Ideas For You

Try to reuse old things, instead of buying additional stuffs. Move them around for a different way of arrangement. Make this a fun and family event where everyone can chip in. When it comes to a point where you think you have too much stuffs, made to get rid of them by having a garage sale, ebay or donate it to charities.

5. Hang some art

Another quick weekend project is to hang a beautiful painting. Hang a single piece, or opt for a gallery of framed prints or photographs. Art work need not be expensive. You may find a deal in exhibitions or galleries that feature works of new artists. Or buy reprint of art work is another option.

6. Add more light with mirrors

Opt for mirrors to light up a space and brighten the walls. Mirrors makes a room larger visually. Try mix and match several smaller ones in different styles or have one large one on one wall.

7. Enhance your lighting

And since we are on the subject of light as in project 6, you can change a room from cold and unwelcoming to warm and cozy by simply changing your lighting fixtures. Or replace a dull shade with something bold and bright, or also replace those overhead pendants with easy to install and maintain lamps.

8. Dining room décor

Lets give the dinning table a new look by covering it up. Covering it up with a stunning cloth is a simple way for an instant upgrade. In-addition, add matching cushions to dining chairs to complete the look.

9. A bold bedroom

15 Easy Weekend Home Decorating Ideas For You

Like the idea in 8, it is the same what a new bed linen can do to an old bedroom? And like art works, you don’t need to have the most expensive in order to enjoy the end results. So be daring and unconventional in your efforts. For example, ditch those safe neutrals for something exciting, like a fresh spring green or nautical blue. Place framed prints for highlighting your new linen’s color.

10. Update your pillows

Another easy project for the week end. There exists dozens of affordable, fabulous cushions that are one of a kind and you can place on the sofas. This will instantly style up your space. IKEA is known for flaunting bargain designs to suit any style.You could even opt for a new throw to cover up a dingy old sofa. If you’re unsure about which colors to use, take inspiration from the palette of your walls and floor.

11. Update a dull window

Paint the frame in bright colors or have a roller blind is a great low-effort, high-impact way off adding style to a window. It sure will be a center of attraction of the home.

12. Make your entrance inviting

Left over can of paint, don’t throw it away just yet – how about using it for your front door, too? A cheery color and a porch clean-up can do wonders for your home’s kerb appeal.So, splash a new color on that front door; add new hardware; lay down a stunning new welcome mat; and place a potted plant or two near the entrance. A fabulous first impression instantly.

13. Update your faucets

It might not have the same punch as a full kitchen- or bathroom renovation, but updating your faucets can definitely make an impact. A simple tip, make sure the configuration matches your existing sink, because we dont want to end up replacing that, too.

14. New hardware

While you’re busy with the kitchen’s faucet in the idea above, you may as well spice up those cabinets and drawers with new handles, knobs and pulls. Search for designs that reflect your personal taste.

15. Install a new backsplash

Try something quick and easy (yet still very stylish) with tin ceiling tiles, wallpaper, wall decals, stainless steel, or chalkboard paint. And this will give you a fresh look for the kitchen in a day.

There you have it, 15 simple weekend projects to wow up your living space in less than a day.

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