12 Decorating Tips to Transform Any Room Easily

decorating tips

decorating tips

Here are 12 easy decorating tips that you can do easily without much efforts to help you change the look of your room. Well there are time we get bored with the look of the room and decided to give it a change. These 12 tips can give you some ideas to do it. Some can be done easily by just rearranging the furnishing or simply changing the colors or patterns of bed sheet.

12 DIY Decorating Tips to Transform Any Room

1. Mix and Match the Pillows

Do you know you really don’t have to pick up the same pillow cover which goes with the color of your bed sheet? Pick some bright colored ones or covers with different patterns and prints. This can give an immediate different look to your bed compared to the previous conventional looks.

2. Artwork or Photos

These are perfect for blank walls. Your own DIY artworks should be the center of attraction and what better there is than to have them on the blank walls. Doing so will enhance the otherwise plain wall of your room.  No DIY artwork, not a problem because you can also put on your collections from trips to places, family photos or art reprints which you can purchase like those below.

3. Go green and natural

decorating tips indoor plants

This is our favorite decorating tips. Instead of artificial plants, it is always better to add some living plants. Having these live plants inside the house is a way of bringing in nature into your home a nature and this too can transform the feel and look of the room. Plus the benefits too like keeping your room cool and free oxygen. Some even help to purify the air. Thus it is a great idea to use plants in your plans.

4. Revamp your bookshelves.

You can try buying bookshelves that are slightly different and look creative. Or else, give your old bookshelf a new look by changing its color to make it look attractive. The arrangement of the books can made a difference too. They can be arranged according to there color tones. Check out this article : 5 Ideas of Decorating with Books

5. Light up built-ins.

You can add some lighting effect to the built-ins or paint them with a different color to make them stand out. And when standing out this creates a three dimensional and interesting effect.

6. Mix and Match.

It is always a good idea to mix and match things.Not only this is a creative fun but can be a family activity. One popular mix and match is trying to rearranging the furniture or incorporating some modern elements with the traditional ones.

7. Paint one wall differently.

Painting is a quick way to achieve an immediate transformation. One idea is painting a wall with a different color from the rest has an astonishing effect on your room. You can either paint one wall in bright colors in contrast to light colors of other walls.

8. Have Lamps beside your Bed or study table

decorating tips table lamp

Lamps are perfect for home decoration and you can look for ways to incorporate them into your room. Perhaps you can place a lamp next to your bedside or on your study table. Now not only that they look visually good and emits a warm and cozy feel but they are useful too  So,when you need light only for reading at night, you can use them without disturbing others sleeping in the same room.

9. Framed Motivational Quotes

If we could wake up to some thing nice everyday it would be great. Well perhaps waking up to a nice quote or something that motivates you to start your day could be close. Thus start putting framed motivational quotes on your wall. An idea suggestion – display quotes from your favorite books or movies or quotes by great people.

10. Mirror on the Wall

Beside painting, placing large mirrors is one way to transform your room immediately. They make the space brighter and feeling bigger through reflection.

11. A photo collage

As per idea 2, but more on photos and had them arranged in a collage. As to how to arrange them, just drop by this link in Pinterest  wall photo collage arrangement.  Below is just one pattern. And as a suggestion, use photos that brings you fond memories or make you happy.


12. A starry sky

Transform your room ceiling into a starry night sky. You can achieve this by pasting stickers of stars and moon that glow at night on the ceiling of your room. Who wouldn’t love sleeping under the “stars”.

So that’s it, we hope you get some ideas form these decorating tips to help you transform your place. Feel free to comment and share your experience below.

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